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All Designs

2013 Summer

A Fairy Flower Garden

Amber & Aquamarine

Amber Ocean Lights

Arabian Walled Garden

Art Nouveau Alphabet Sampler

Autumn 2008

Autumn 2011

Autumn Fairy

Autumn Knotgarden

Baroque Castle and Gardens

Blackwork Beauties 01

Blackwork Beauties 02

Blackwork Beauties 03

Blackwork Beauties 04

Bold Band Sampler 1

Bold Band Sampler 2

Bold Band Sampler 3

Bold Band Sampler 4

Boudoir Fan

Butterfly Elegance

Butterfly Sampler

Button Garden

Castle Moyland

Celtic Quilt







CHAT007-Flamingo Elegance

CHAT008-Ping 01

CHAT009-Ping 02


CHAT011-Silhouette Pouch

CHAT012-Art Deco Pouch


CHAT014-Victorian Roses

CHAT015-The Chatelaine Sampler



CHAT018-Christmas Crystals

CHAT019-Polar Lights

CHAT020-Summer Afternoon

CHAT021-Victorian Flower Symphony


CHAT023-Mini Mandala Gardens 1-3

CHAT024-Convent's Herbal Garden

CHAT025-Winter's Eve

CHAT026-Weeping Willow Keep

CHAT027-Alhambra Garden

CHAT028-The Roses

CHAT029-The Bluebells

CHAT030-The Freesias

CHAT031-The Magnolia

CHAT032-Christmas Ornaments 2004

CHAT033-Rose Lights

CHAT034-Violets Stitcher's Toys

CHAT035-Misty Morning Vineyard

CHAT036-Spring Morning

CHAT037-Mystic Meadows

CHAT038-Mini Mandalas II

CHAT039-Taj Mahal Mandala Garden

CHAT040-Indian Summer Reflections

CHAT041-Autumn Dusk

CHAT042-Snowflake Nativity

CHAT043-Evening in the Park

CHAT044-Egypt Garden

CHAT045-Alpine Seasons Garden

CHAT046-Mermaid's Treasure Box and Toys

CHAT047-Medieval Town Mandala

CHAT048-Waterlily Pond

CHAT049-Japanese Garden

CHAT050-Medieval Herb Garden

CHAT051-Grape Threadkeeper

CHAT052-Persian Iris Garden

CHAT053-King's Vegetable Garden

CHAT054-Christ-Moose Sampler

CHAT055-Japanese Octagon Box

CHAT056-Stitching Leporello

CHAT057-St. Petersburg White Nights

CHAT058-Tuscany Town Mandala

CHAT059-Illuminated Medieval Sampler

CHAT060-Baroque Times Midi





CHAT065-Pearl Lights

CHAT066-Pompeji Garden

CHAT067-Heritage Sampler

CHAT068-Secret Victorian Garden

CHAT069-Hanging Gardens Of Semiramis

CHAT070-A Star in the Desert

CHAT071-Castle I

CHAT072-Castle J

CHAT073-Castle K

CHAT074-Castle L

CHAT075-Sea Quilt

CHAT076-Hawaiian Mandala

CHAT077-Celtic Maze Garden

CHAT078-Vintage Christmas

CHAT079-Classizism Mandala

CHAT080-Holland Springtime

CHAT081-Friendship Sampler

CHAT082-Provence Mandala

CHAT083-Adam & Eve Sampler

CHAT084-German Christmas Market Sampler

CHAT085-Winter Guests in a Snowy World

CHAT086-Workshop 01

CHAT087-Workshop 02

CHAT088-Workshop 03

CHAT089-Workshop 04

CHAT090-Workshop 05

CHAT091-Workshop 06

CHAT092-Oriental Harem Garden

CHAT093-Vienna Mandala

CHAT096-Cuban Mansion

CHAT097-Vienna Ball

CHAT098-Autumn Watergarden

CHAT099-German Ostsee

CHAT100-Christmas Mystery 2011

Chinese Dragon Gate

Chinese Garden Mandala

Christmas 2009 Freebie

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 Freebie

Christmas Mandala

Christmas Mystery 2012

Christmas Mystery 2013

Christmas Mystery V

Christmas Mystery VI

Christmas Ornaments 2005

Image Not Yet Available
Christmas Tree Skirt

Costumes 1

Cotton Sampler 01

Cotton Sampler 02

Cotton Sampler 03

Cotton Sampler 04

Cotton Sampler 05

Debi's Roses

Desert Landscape Mandala

Dragonfly Boudoir Casket

Easter 2008

Easter 2009

Easter 2010

Fire Lily Garden

Flower Medaillons

Flower Panels - Cattleya

Flower Panels - Iris

Flower Panels - Tulips

Friendly Full-Moon Witch

Frosty Knotgarden Mandala

Graceful Sampler

Greek Mandala

Heart of Aquamarines and Alexandrites

Heart of Roses

Heart of Violets

Hortus Viridarium

Hummingbird Lace Mandala

Karen's Dragonfly

Kathy's Violets

Konstantinople Mandala

Lapis & Malachite


Manuela's Sunflower

Marie Antoinette Mandala

Martina's Roses

Medieval Cloister Herbularius

Medieval Flower Star 1

Medieval Flower Star 2

Medieval Flower Star 3

Medieval Flower Star 4

Medieval Octagon

Micro Round 01

Micro Round 02

Micro Square 01

Micro Square 02

Micro Square 03

Micro Square 04

Midi Mystery III

Midi Mystery IV

Mini Mandala Circle 01

Mini Mandala Circle 02

Mini Mandala Mystery I

Mini Mandala Mystery II

Mini Mandala Mystery III

Mini Mandala Mystery IV

Mini Mandala V

Mini Mandala VI

Mini Mystery M

Mini Mystery N

Mini Mystery O

Mini Mystery P

Mini Mystery Q

Mini Mystery R

Mini Mystery S

My Winter Garden

Mystery XII - Caribbean Mandala

Mystery XIII - Peacock Garden

Mystery XIV - Swan Lake

Mystery XV - Deep Blue Sea

Mystery XVI - French Kitchen Garden

Mystery XVII - Etherical Nymphs

Octopus Treasure Cave

Onl 100 Sanssouci Castle

Onl 104 Polar Beauty

Onl 105 Sanssouci Teahouse

Onl 107 Hydrangea Autumn Fog

Onl 108 Silent Night - Holy Night

Onl 109 Lake Como

Onl 110 Bird Tapestries 1 - Bullfinch

Onl 111 Bird Tapestries 2 - Jaybird

Onl 112 Bird Tapestries 3 - Kingfisher

Onl 113 Bird Tapestries 4 - Oriole

Onl 114 Small Consolation Prizes

Onl 115 Dragonfly Lace

Onl 116 Beaded Dragonfly Tile

Onl 117 Beaded Hummingbird Tile

Onl 118 Beaded Butterfly Tile

Onl 119 Embroidered Elegance 1

Onl 120 Embroidered Elegance 2

Onl 121 The Pomarium

Onl 122 Sparkling Peacock Mandala

Onl 123 Moss Garden Mandala

Onl 124 Loire Castles + Gardens 1 - Chenonceau

Onl 126 Medieval Fruit Star - Sorbus

Onl 127 Tahiti Island Mandala

Onl 128 Beaded Peacock Tile

Onl 129 Easter Design 2013

Onl 130 Old English Walled Rose Garden

Onl 131 Starry Nights in the South Seas

Onl 132 Embroidered Elegance 3

Onl 133 Embroidered Elegance 4

Onl 134 Spice Tile 01 - Piper Nigrum

Onl 135 Spice Tile 02 - Ginger

Onl 136 Lilac Summer Nights

Onl 137 Seville Alcazar Garden

Onl 138 Special Stitch Summer Fruits 01

Onl 139 Special Stitch Summer Fruits 02

Onl 140 Special Stitch Summer Fruits 03

Onl 141 Special Stitch Summer Fruits 04

Onl 142 Sparkling Swan Mandala

Onl 143 Beaded Swan Tile

Onl 144 Old World Vinery

Onl 145 Seaside Sampler Mystery

Onl 146 Russian Windows

Onl 147 Gardens of London

Onl 148 Filigree Mandalas 1 - Winter

Onl 150 Bird Tapestries 5 - Blue Jay

Onl 151 Bird Tapestries 6 - Tiny Owl

Onl 152 Bird Tapestries 7 - Bald Eagle

Onl 153 Bird Tapestries 8 - Red Cardinal

Onl 154 Bluebell Crystal Lace Mandala

Orangerie Quilt

Ornament 1

Parfums & Fleurs

Paris Mandala

Paris Mandala

Paris Roses

Ping Border

Place des Vosges

Proud Peacock


Rainforest Quilt

Rajasthan Lotus Pond

Rose and Butterfly Quilt

Rose Tapestry

Russian Winter Church

Sampler Mystery II

Sampler Mystery III

Sampler Mystery IV

Sampler Mystery V

Seasons of the Brook 1-4

Serengeti Mandala

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Small Hamam Oasis

Snowman's Way Home

Spring Anemone Bunny

Spring Fairy

Spring Knotgarden

Spring Watergarden

Springtime Roses

Springtime Violets

Strawberry Shakerbox and Stitcher's Toys

Summer Dreamgarden

Summer Fairy

Summer Flowers

Summer Knotgarden

Summer Strawberries

The Queen's Farmhouse

Tiny Rose Garden

True Mystery 01

True Mystery 02

True Mystery 03

Venice Mandala

Waterlily Tapestry

White Hyacinth Garden

Winter Fairy

Winter Watergarden

Wisteria Walled Garden
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